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Rephrasing Organizational Culture

In The Economist’s latest annual special year-end issue (“The World Ahead - 2023”), the CEO of an important multinational organization – the Walgreens Boots Alliance - has contributed an insightful article entitled, “It’s time to ‘rephrase’ how companies work.” (Thank you Ms. Roz Brewer!)

And brandstory could not be in more agreement! It may be sometimes referred to as “company culture?” Sometimes as “corporate culture?” But it is most certainly always about “Organizational Culture”… and the impact it has on any organization’s own people!

Among the insights shared by Ms Brewer are thoughts such as:

“… a company is not just about the products we make, the services we offer or the brands we build. It’s about how we re-energize our teams, to give them hope and make them feel great about their contributions during challenging, changing times.”


“In 2023 and beyond, connections to companies’ culture and values will be key drivers of motivation for workers as we ‘rephrase’ the corporate environment.”

As well as…

“Years ago, company culture was viewed as the light and fluffy stuff. But the facts and data show that a healthy company culture delivers results, and this has never been clearer to me than right now.”

Citing such things as…

“Strong culture drives performance: 80% of firms united by a meaningful purpose have been found to outperform the general market.”


“It drives recruitment: 65% of candidates say they will accept a job offer only if they know and agree with a company’s purpose, vision and values.”

While lastly (but certainly not least)…

“As leaders, we will need to listen more to our employees and our wider communities. This approach is good business. Companies will do well by doing good for their own employees and for the broader world around them.”

And no, she is not referring to paychecks. It is about Organizational Culture and the people who make it live and breathe!

May we invite you to visit the brandstory web site ( to learn more how brandstory’s proprietary offering, the Strategic Brand Story ™, has been conceived to directly address such evolved CEO (and HR Director!!!) concerns. For more than twenty years already!

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