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It’s all about motivating your People!

A lot of news these days about “quiet quitting” across the globe. Who? What? Why?

The title of a recent article in The Economist suggests (citing the results of Gallup’s most recent annual worldwide survey on “workplace engagement” across 143 nations, broken down by age and gender), Don’t blame ‘quiet quitting’ on Gen-Z!In fact, Gallup’s index of workplace attitudes suggests that this unsettling “phenomenon” is much more widespread.

Lots of statistics to wade through. Lots of numbers. Lots of good left-brain stuff. A good “food for thought” read. With some very interesting interpretations / conclusions.

How about this one? “So-called ‘quiet quitters’ seek to improve their work-life balance not by leaving their jobs, but merely by not going above and beyond their duty to their employers.”

Or this? “The results suggest that remarkably few people, just about anywhere, are happily engaged in their work”… “and it’s not confined to (only) the youngest workers.”

Gallup also sorted all respondents into three categories on a spectrum of workplace engagement. With those who appeared most engaged (the “Thrivers”) at one end, and the “Loud Quitters” at the other end… with our “Quiet Quitters” in the middle. On average, across the globe, just 20% of workers were “thriving” and another 15% were “loud quitters”… while the other 65% (!!!) were dragging their feet in “quiet quitter” mode.

By the way, according to this study, brandstory’s own primary workplace (Italy) ranks near the very bottom, with only 5% of workers who declare themselves as “thriving!!!???”

And so…?

Clearly an opportunity for so-o many companies to develop their own Strategic Brand Story™… not only in Italy, of course. The Strategic Brand Story™, the innovative business tool conceived to transform internal stakeholders from considering themselves as mere “employees” into becoming actual organization-as-brand advocates!

From “quiet quitter” to brand advocate! What might that do for your ROI?

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