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"One last question? Why should I work for you?”

Pretty simple and straightforward. But how do you answer this question when a top candidate asks this most insightful of all questions at the end of the job interview?

Because, yes, talented job candidates have choices. Competitive choices. And most companies have their own left-brain check list of perks and benefits ready at hand to help convince their most seductive job candidates. The pay. The job title. The career prospects. Flexible work schedules. Unusual vacation provisions. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera…

But the most likely convincing argument for any job candidate – even if many may have not given it much thought, at least not until someone brings up the topic… is the unique “organizational culture” that sets your company apart from any competition! What it is that makes your company so special! Different! Better!

Competitors can match (or better?) your job offer. Competitors can clone your successful product offerings. But your Organizational Culture is yours, and yours alone!

And this is where brandstory’s multi-purposed Strategic Brand Story™ business tool comes into play!

Why not try this with your pre-selected job candidates before their first interview? Send them a copy of your company’s Strategic Brand Story™, inviting them to read it… and if they were to decide that they would not feel comfortable working with your team, within your implied organizational culture, then you can both avoid “wasting time” with an interview that will not go anywhere!

This was a tactic suggested, and used, by one of brandstory’s earliest clients, almost twenty years ago! And we are delighted to share!

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