brandstory creates extra value for your organisation via liberating “people-power,” thereby generating a higher return on staffing investment in terms of motivation, productivity and loyalty.


brandstory unearths the organisation’s unique, existing, yet hidden, unwritten and untold strategic brand story, an innovative business tool that helps the organisation to recruit the best talent, to train, to motivate, to reward and to retain them, with their ever-increasing value. brandstory transforms the organisation’s people, its most precious asset, into a powerful, dependable, emotion-loaded advocate for the organization, both inside and outside.

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An innovative “high impact – low cost” business tool that helps to liberate “people-power” within your organization.

A brand narrative, to share information, to trigger emotion, to create empathy, to celebrate the brand’s contribution to society even beyond the walls of the organiSation itself. A brand narrative that actually empowers, encourages and motivates employees to become credible and inclusive storytellers, sharing enthusiastically what they do, who they work for.

The human face of brand strategy, if you will, easy to understand and easy to share, by all, among all.

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A simple example of what we’re talking about, in a strategic brand story narrative. The human face of our own brand strategy.

I work for a brand strategy consultancy that liberates people-power!

People do not work for a salary only. It’s not just a job. Or it shouldn’t be.

People are social animals. People want to be part of something positive, to belong to an organization, proudly. They want to choose the best employer for themselves, an organization where they spend a large part of their daily lives, They want to understand who their company is, what it does and, even more so, what it stands for, in both the marketplace and in society at large.

And once people have made an informed choice, and joined the “right” Company, they want to continue learning and growing, as well as to share their pride in being part of their chosen organization (and its related brands).

Yes, salary does matter… but it is only secondary to belonging and contributing to a winning organisational culture.

However, too often people are lacking a way to fully appreciate who they are working for, or to express their pride confidently, and in a compelling way.

brandstory specializes in uncovering the organization’s own unique strategic brand story, helping its people to understand, to appreciate and to share with their own personal, business-related and social networks.

In short, brandstory leverages the collective effort of the organization’s human resources to reinforce a distinctive corporate culture; to increase the return on staffing investment; as well as to motivate and reward people’s natural predisposition to belong.

brandstory. the human face of brand strategy.


Power to the People!