brandstory creates value for your enterprise empowering your people to share your own unique brand story.


brandstory unearths the organization brand’s unique existing, yet hidden, unwritten and untold brand story. brandstory creates a compelling story for your people to share. brandstory transforms the Company’s people, their most precious asset, into a powerful, dependable, emotion-loaded and “cost free” medium. brandstory helps to resolve the typical lack of financial resources for media investment. brandstory contributes to liberate the brand’s full inherent power.

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The “soul” of the brandstory solution. The business tool that enables the inherent power of your brand. The human face of brand strategy, easy to understand and share, by all.

A narrative that actually empowers, encourages and motivates employees to become credible and inclusive storytellers… enthusiastically sharing what they do, whom they work for. A medium that is already at your disposal, better than all the other available media, because more reliable and credible.

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Exactly what we told you so far, in a brief brand story narrative. The human face of our own strategy.

Who do you work for?

All employees want to share their pride of being part of their company and related brands. But too often they are lacking a way to express their pride confidently, and in a compelling way. 

Employees are seeking the ability to deliver a clear, passionate, convincing narrative about their jobs, a big part of their lives.

brandstory uncovers the organisation’s own unique brand story and empowers employees to share it with their own personal, social and business-related networks.

brandstory leverages the collective effort of human resources to behave as a dependable, emotion-loaded, cost-free medium for delivering a strategic, cohesive, inclusive brand message.


brandstory. the human face of brand strategy.