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Breaking-Down the Silos…

Yet another term for promoting a winning Organization Culture? Why not? There are many ways to skin a cat… and brandstory has indeed been using many of them for more than twenty years now. All you need to do is check out our Blog “catalog” on to get the big picture!

Every organization needs to have all its stakeholders – both internal and external – on the same page. No silos, please! Your Marketing staff should be talking with your HR staff who should be talking with your Finance staff who should be talking to your Sales staff who should be talking with your R&D staff who should be talking with your… Yes, you “get it!” They are all people! And by breaking-down the silos within your organization, you will have a powerful competitive advantage in your marketplace!

Starting from inside your organization… before reaching out to your external stakeholders (and clients) with the same One Voice messaging. Because, as an insightful PepsiCo stakeholder publicly declared more than five years ago: “Employer Brands need as much attention as consumer brands… or they will miss out on talent as well as long-term growth.” (Thank you, Rebecca Gloyne, 29 Nov 2017!).

brandstory’s Strategic Brand Story™ has been conceived to break-down the silos internally, as well as to get both internal stakeholders and external stakeholders all “on the same page”… in understanding why your organization-as-brand is different from (and better than!) any other. As in, Power to your People!

Whew. Sounds complicated? Not really.


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