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Here We Go Again…?

A recent article in Advertising Age (March, 2024) has speculated that LinkedIn is “arguably the most uncool place on the internet”… but that it is nonetheless “becoming a hot spot for Influencer Marketing!” Whew…


Now brandstory has nothing against LinkedIn (in fact, that’s where many of our past, current and future clients have, or will have, found us!). And we have recently shared our own thoughts about the currently popular and so-called “new” marketing communications phenomenon called “Influencer Marketing” (just take a look at our web site Blog “catalog”). But there are some things that we simply can never say enough about!


So… here we go again! To talk yet again about brandstory’s innovative, multi-purposed strategic business tool – the Strategic Brand Story™. And to affirm that this tool can help to ensure that any marketer’s eventual decision to use ‘influencer marketing” as part of its own marketing tool kit will not come back to bite it in the you-know-where! Smile, please.


Because having your own qualified Strategic Brand Story™ is an effective way to not only help choose an appropriate Influencer for your brand, but also to ensure that your selected Influencer actually, and really, knows what your brand is indeed all about!


Because simple brand awareness has little to do with “who” your brand really is! Yes, you want all of your brand’s stakeholders – both internal and external – to be on the same page, and prepared to share the same story!  And that most certainly includes your chosen Influencer(s) – a genuinely informed brand stakeholder (and not just a “paid shill”)!


We confess that brandstory did not have “influencers” top-of-mind when we launched our activity more than twenty years ago… but our multi-purposed end-product is most certainly an effective unifier in today’s evolved world that includes “influencer marketing!”


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