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A Story is a Story is a Story… or is it?

An irrelevant small-talk prompt from an organization called brandstory?


Not really, because we enjoy casual, ice-breaking social small-talk as much as anyone… even at the beginning of a serious new business discussion! But since our own business was conceived more than twenty years ago and built upon the importance of “what is a story,” the issue of what a story is is indeed fundamental to what it is that we do! And no, it is not simply a question of semantics! Whew.


To be sure, given our own Italian business roots, we have also had to confront the issue of story in semantical terms, as well – because the word “storia” in Italian actually has two meanings. On one hand, it means “history,” while on the other hand it means, yes, “story!”


So… story? Or history? Or both? Hmm, yes, it’s not quite that simple.


Further complicated by the common practice we all see when surfing in cyber-space and visiting the websites of potential new clients or customers anywhere on the planet: an indication on a site’s menu bar citing “Our Story.” But 99.9% of the time, we find no “story” there, but rather, a “chronological history check list” related to the Company’s (i.e. the web site owner’s) development over time! Interesting left-brain information, to be sure… but hardly a “story.” Not a criticism, just a factual observation.


And so – because this is a Blog posted on the web site – it’s now time to cut to the chase, and to share with you (once again!) what brandstory’s Strategic Brand Story™ product is indeed all about!


Yes, of course, it is a story… but not just any story. A story not conceived to be “entertaining,” but rather meant to unite and motivate its own stakeholders. A story with a purpose. In fact, a multi-purposed strategic business tool. Yes, we have talked about the “four-in-one” advantages of brandstory’s Strategic Brand Story™ in other Blog posts (feel free to check them out!)… but for now, we would leave you with one simple message:


“Yes, stories are great… but there is no story like a Strategic Brand Storyto differentiate your own organization-as-brand in the marketplace, to make it “an employer of choice!” And much more, of course!


If this is the moment you would like to learn more, we would be delighted to share our story with you in more detail… without obligation, of course.

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