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There are many ways “to skin a cat,” but…

Yes, many problems or challenges have more than one potential solution. Just ask any CEO, CMO or HRD. So-o many challenges, every day… and so many possible solutions.

But it’s seldom clear what the “best” solution may be. Past experience may very well help. A/B testing, too, of course. Usually depends on the nature of the problem. And yes, there are (almost) always many ways available “to skin the cat!”

On the other hand, brandstory has been collaborating with its clients – for more than twenty years now - to address a range of fundamental challenges, conceived to help ensure that they are perceived by top talent in the marketplace as genuine “employers of choice!”.

Such challenges are multiple. And on-going. Again, just ask any CEO, CMO or HRD. Yes, even your CFO, as well. Multiple challenges. Every day.

And multiple challenges deserve an innovative, multi-purposed strategic business tool to help resolve them… simultaneously, and with enthusiasm! A “best” way to skin the cat, as it were!

Yes, we are referring to brandstory’s Strategic Brand Story™ approach to addressing and resolving multiple organizational issues and challenges! An innovative strategic business tool that simultaneously delivers:

A clarified, differentiated organization-as-brand Positioning, expressed in human terms.

A “One Voice” guide to brand communications at every potential touch-point, both internally and externally.

A powerful HR recruiting, on-boarding, training and motivational tool.

An insightful definition and manifestation of the Company’s unique and winning Organizational Culture.

All together. Yes, maybe there is a “best” way to skin a cat!

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