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What’s our story…?

An interesting twist on brandstory’s website landing page?

Think about it. You are your Company’s CEO. Or its CMO. Or its HRD. In your role, if someone were to ask you, “What’s your story?” – in other words, hmm, “what’s our story?” - how would you respond? Do you already have a well-crafted strategic story to share? Or would you simply “freelance” it?

Of course, you do have a story that you could (probably) easily freelance. Even more probably so, you actually have many anecdotal stories you could pull out of your hat to answer this unexpected question.

A question possibly asked in all innocence, out of simple curiosity… so that most any story would more or less do.

But whatif this seemingly innocent question is being asked by a job candidate to whom you are seriously interested in making an offer? That’s most probably not freelance time.

In effect, this is simply another good reason why you should want to have an insightfully-crafted Strategic Brand Story™ in your talent-recruiting tool kit!

Why should top talent want to come work for your Company? Not just for the money. Not just for the job title. But primarily because your unique and winning Organizational Culture (as manifested in your organization-as-brand’s insightful Strategic Brand Story™!) is one that motivates its stakeholders, its employees (i.e. its people!), while enhancing their well-being, to become real life brand advocates (!!!) for your Company! As in, “Yes, I’d really like to work here!”

This is but one of the deliverables of brandstory’s innovative and multi-purposed business tool: an original, ownable, authentic, credible, memorable, motivating and above all, shareable, Strategic Brand Story™… a proven strategic tool that brandstory has been developing with its clients for more than twenty years now!

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