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That’s the question! Not, “Here’s what we do.”

Because, among other things, “candidates

are interviewing companies today as much as companies are interviewing them” in the

never-ending hunt for talent!

Yes, you expect your job candidates to come prepared for their initial job interview, CV in hand (if not already screened and “pre-selected!”). Just as your organization, too, is expected to be prepared for the interview process. You want to attract the best talent, and the best talent wants to work for best organization for them – their own preferred “employer of choice!”

So… how’s this for a scenario? You send your pre-screened candidates a copy of your organization’s own Strategic Brand Story™. Inviting them to read your story, and to decide if they would feel comfortable (maybe even stimulated?) working in your described Organizational Culture… or, if not, let’s neither of us waste our time in an interview that’s destined to go nowhere! How does this sound to you?

This approach was actually suggested by one of brandstory’s earliest clients, strongly endorsed by the client’s HR department… as an unexpected recruitment tool, helping to attract the “right” people to your team!

So, “What’s Your Story?” is not just a question… it’s also an answer to attracting the right talent to your organization!

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