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True Motivation

One of brandstory’s favorite client experiences?

Almost six years after an insightful and inspirational CEO determined that it was necessary to change the direction of his brand in an almost commodity-like B2B industry, and using the traditional tools of speeches, meetings, and memos galore to get the ship to change its course… the results were “frustrating.” Progress? Yes, some. But much too slow in an evolving competitive business environment.

His next step, game-changing solution? He actually listened to his own International VP of Marketing! She had “heard” about these brandstory guys (or maybe it was a cold call? I don’t remember!) and had contacted them for a Credentials presentation. And subsequently asked them for a written strategic brand story project proposal to help accelerate the brand’s progress in its new direction!

She then took this proposal to her CEO… and he said, “Yes!”

And the rest is history. A “behind the scenes” history… as literally thousands of loyal internal stakeholders fell in love with their own new brand story! Across the globe.


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