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The Economics of Story-Sharing Part 3 of 3

(Or, indeed, when the going gets tough, the tough get a Strategic Brand Story™.)

The Third Principle of brandstory economics? Perhaps the most important of all: unless a brand owner shares its brand story inside the company, it will not reap full benefit of expenditures outside, no matter how persuasive the media campaigns. Human Resource Directors to the rescue!

Which is why brandstory spends so much time in story-sharing sessions with its client’s employees, long before helping to brief outside agencies on advertising, design, direct marketing or PR. One U.S. client called these sessions “backyard barbecues,” a U.K. client calls them “ambassador workshops,” but whatever they are called they work and they matter. They create a ripple effect which travels way beyond the old “Relaunch Congress” of blessed memory (where in practice, the message was forgotten within days). Participants are converted from employees into story-sharers, from stakeholders into missionaries. The ripple effect is geometric!

And so… the three principles of brandstory ecomomics (you can refresh yourself on the first two by returning to our Blog catalog)!

The right brand story can improve returns on marketing expenditure, travel profitability across borders, and put force into workforce! Now, we may have trademarked the brandstory name, but we claim no monopoly on these principles, nor their application (merely their authorship). Because creating effective Strategic Brand Stories is what we do for a living. For more than twenty years now.

We are specialists and do not compete directly with agencies who develop advertising or direct marketing campaigns – we long ago moved beyond that, and now merely help such agencies share in the benefits of their clients’ brand stories. And those economic benefits are never more valuable than in times such as these.

Because when the going gets tough, the tough get a Strategic Brand Story™!


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