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Storytelling vs Story-Sharing…

For more than twenty years now, brandstory has easily weathered “storytelling” nay-sayers.

Many today are declaring: “Nothing more than another marketing ‘buzz word’ – that’s what “storytelling” is, or has become”… perhaps forgetting that the good old :30 “Slice of Life” TV commercial from the ‘50’s, ‘60’s and ‘70’s was, in fact, nothing other than an effective (if primitive!) form of modern day storytelling!

However, brandstory’s Strategic Brand Story™ is not, and never has been, about “storytelling” per se. Because it is the story itself that counts. A narrative that is Original. Authentic. Credible. Memorable. Motivating. And, especially, Shareable!

Yes, it has always been about story-sharing!

That’s the power of brandstory’s Strategic Brand Story™! The innovative, multipurposed business tool conceived to get all an Organization’s, all a Company’s, all an Institution’s, all a Brand’s stakeholders (all people!), both internal and external, all on the same page!

And all sharing their story… sharing how they are “proud of belonging” and “proud of contributing” to the continuing success of their own “employer of choice!”

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