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Influencing the Influencer – ENCORE!

Our recent brandstory Blog on “Influencing the Influencer” caught the eye of one of America’s most influential promoters of Influencer Marketing - Jason Falls, with his popular “Winfluencer” podcast series.

Interview invitation subsequently offered by Jason, and accepted by brandstory!

Hope you enjoy the discussion… and if you would like to learn even more about brandstory’s influential multi-purposed business tool – the Strategic Brand Story™.

Yes, we would love to share even more of our story with you… just as we are convinced that your organization-as-brand would benefit greatly from having its own original, authentic, credible, memorable, motivating and shareable Strategic Brand Story™ in its own strategic tool kit! Hmm, but we would say that, wouldn’t we? In any event, we are available for a chat!


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