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From Baby Boomers to Zoomers

brandstory was born 20 years ago within the integrated marketing communication space to help align all a brand’s stakeholders around a single strategic master document: the Strategic Brand Story™. Our positioning was defined as: “optimizing brand strategy understanding and execution to increase organizations’ value”.

20 years on, society has changed, people have changed: and organizational culture has to change, as well. The Generations that will be leading society’s development over the next decades are profoundly different from those in the past, due to different interests, needs and ambitions, starting from the workplace itself. People are now looking more for personal satisfaction, professional enrichment and holistic wellbeing, than “just a career.”

These differences provide brandstory the opportunity to help its clients in an even more meaningful way. brandstory’s positioning has evolved to: “liberating People Power inside the organization to increase organizations’ value”. The brandstory offer however continues to be the same, both innovative and unique: the Strategic Brand Story™.

The Strategic Brand Story ™ is a brand narrative, to share information, to trigger emotion, to create empathy, to celebrate the brand’s contribution to society even beyond the walls of the organization itself. A brand narrative that actually empowers, encourages and motivates employees to become credible and inclusive advocates, sharing enthusiastically what they do, who they work for, with their own professional, personal and social networks.

The human face of brand strategy, easy to understand and easy to share, by all, among all.

brandstory | the human face of brand strategy.

Power to the People!


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