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Soul Searching

What is a strategic brand story? It is the “soul” of brandstory’s contribution to a brand’s value. A 21st century business tool. The human face of brand strategy, if you will. Easy to understand and easy to share, by all and among all.

A narrative that actually empowers, encourages and motivates employees to become credible and inclusive brand “storytellers” themselves, enthusiastically sharing what they do, who they work for.

In effect, a new and unexpected medium… a medium that is already at the brand’s disposal, even better than all other available media, because it is more reliable and credible! Not only, but it is also free!

And it is guaranteed to work! As long as your story is authentic, credible, memorable, motivatingand easily shareable! But no fairy tales, please.

Because? Because it is the brand’s own internal stakeholders who will immediately “smell the rat” of a fairy tale, causing even the possibility of a negative boomerang effect on your own people, and not just a lot of rolling eyes.

So, is there a secret to getting it right?

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