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People, not Robots

There are stories, and then there are stories. In fact, the mere word, “storytelling,” in recent years seems to have become little more than the latest buzz word in the world of marketing and marketing communications. But not all stories are equal. Especially in a business context. Business-related stories are not about “brand entertainment.”

The strategic brand story is focused, above all, on motivating the brand’s internal stakeholders, the Company’s own employees, its own people… every organization’s most precious asset. As in, “I am proud of what we do and I am proud to contribute to my brand’s reputation.”

Because yes, words do count… even (especially?) in a data-driven world. It has often been repeated that “numbers don’t lie.” And yet one of brandstory’s co-founder’s favorite university courses during his MBA studies back in the day was called “How to Lie with Statistics!” The numbers do count, of course. But even if your organization is dominated by left-brained numbers freaks, it is highly unlikely that it is the “numbers” that get the brand’s stakeholders excited about coming to the office again on Monday morning!

Because a brand’s stakeholders are people, not robots… and people deserve to be treated like people! And people, whether they are aware of it or not, are affected daily by an organizational culture that influences their humor, their productivity, their sense of belonging, their pride, their satisfaction, their very wellbeing.

And this is a primary contribution that brandstory brings to the party!


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