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Influencing the Influencer…

Indeed, one of the hottest trends in the marketing universe these days is the increasing popularity (and importance?) of marketers using online Influencers to “promote,” “to give testimony to” their brands!

Some people are skeptical about this trend – as in, “Don’t people know that these so-called influencers are being ‘paid/compensated’ in some way by brands to promote them?”

While others maintain that this is simply another legitimate “marketing communications” tool in a brand’s tool kit… and all is fair in love and war!

brandstory prefers to not take sides in this potential debate. But we do recognize what is going on in the marketplace… and we do have an innovative tool that can indeed help marketers to influence the Influencers in an effective and non-controversial way!

Because no Influencer wants to risk his/her own reputation by being associated with a questionable product or brand, or by being “used by” an overly aggressive marketer who has it in for traditional mass communication media costs. No, it’s not just about the “compensation,” because a career Influencer must be genuinely convinced whenever he/she puts his/her reputation on the line… or no more clients will engage with them!

And this is where brandstory’s innovative and multipurposed business tool – the Strategic Brand Story™ - can come into play!

Any Organization, any Company, any Institution, any Brand that has its own original, authentic, credible, memorable, motivating and shareable Strategic Brand Story™ in its own communications tool kit will have no problem in reassuring eventually chosen brand Influencers that their own personal reputations are in safe hands!

Because, just as any organization-as-brand that has its own Strategic Brand Story™ to help positively motivate its own internal stakeholders (its people!) and to promote its own winning Organizational Culture… this same story will have a positive effect on all the brand’s external stakeholders, as well!

Yes… influencing the Influencer… with your Company’s own Strategic Brand Story™!

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