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Have you noticed this, too?

AI here? AI there? AI, everywhere you look? Seems as if Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world! Today! Or maybe only tomorrow?

Barely six months ago, AI was a technological outlier concept, for those “in the know,” while the rest of us mere mortals were still doing what we’ve always done, happily doing what we’ve always been good at (or not?).

But today? There seems to be nary a Pundit on the planet who is not writing about, talking about, predicting, promoting, applauding, cautioning, (add your own verb!) about the “exciting” new world of Artificial Intelligence (or, as we say in Italy, Intelligenza Artificiale)! Whew.

And no, we in brandstory are not technological luddites! “Progress” is indeed what makes the world go ‘round!

But… but there is nothing “artificial” about brandstory’s innovative, multi-purposed strategic business tool (the Strategic Brand Story™)… and there never will be!

Because the Strategic Brand Story™ must be original, it must be authentic, it must be memorable, it must be motivating and it must be shareable, as well… because your organization-as-brand is unlike any other on the planet. There is simply no room for anything “artificial!” Hmm… not unless it’s your desire to become a “me-too” brand?

So… let’s all keep our feet on the ground, and focused on what each of us does best. And if AI can help you do what you do “better,” or “faster,” or “cheaper,” please be our guest!

But there can never be anything “artificial” about your Strategic Brand Story™!

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