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Calling all CMOs…!!!

Because it’s a cold, cruel world out there. Always has been… and it’s not getting any easier! So many “distractions” from getting what ought to be a simple and straightforward job done, successfully.

Take, for example, a recent newsletter from the CMO COUNCIL entitled “Decades of Complexity Overwhelms CMOs.” .

It’s undoubtedly true… and it’s not comforting. Yes, left-brain DNA-ers seem to specialize in finding yet another tree to plant in the forest of successful brand management, almost daily in today’s digital-driven universe… with Artificial Intelligence seeming to creep in at every imaginable opportunity, as well! Whew.

So let us tell you a story. Us? We are brandstory. We have been specializing in the development of the multi-functional Strategic Brand Story™ business tool for our exclusive list of clients for more than twenty years now… a strategic business tool conceived to “save and protect” CMOs from the ever-increasing “can’t see the forest for the trees” complexity in producing the results he/she is being paid to deliver!

While many of brandstory’s fans over recent years have been CEOs and HR Directors, it was actually a VP of Global Marketing who proved to be brandstory’s biggest fan in its early days… an insightful CMO who intuitively understood the advantages of getting all her organization-as-brand’s stakeholders on the same page! And not only did she never look back, but she also invited brandstory back for more story development as her organization expanded into new, joint-venture related activities!

And so… yes… Calling all CMOs!!!

Listen to our story… hear us out, and decide for yourselves!


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