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Back to the Future…

brandstory’s original “launch” message from twenty years ago went like this:

“brandstory is a different approach to brand consulting.

A leading futurologist has predicted that soon ‘businesses will imagine their futures the way good novelists imagine their stories.’ brandstory can help you imagine yours.

“brandstory does not expect to overhaul corporate strategy. Rather, it aims to illuminate strategy and unify those who implement strategy, behind one powerful narrative.

“brandstory favors no medium or marketing specialism. Rather it seeks to unify messages and media of ever more complex markets, around one central story.

“brandstory bends neither to the left brain nor the right. Rather, it looks to unify the forces of reason and emotion behind the true story of business: people prefer brands.

“brandstory explores the stories that lie behind brand assets. By applying imagination to information, it highlights competitive advantage, for the benefit of all stakeholders.”

A message as valid still today as it was twenty years ago!

It was about people then… and it’s still about people today!

It is about getting all of an organization’s stakeholders (yes, its people – the organization’s most precious asset!) on the same page, all pulling together, united in contributing to their organization’s continuing success in the marketplace!

Via brandstory’s innovative, insightful, multi-purposed strategic business tool - the Strategic Brand Story™…

A story that is authentic – it must ring true, no fairy tales allowed.

A story that is credible – because a brand’s own stakeholders will be the first “to smell a rat.”

A story that is memorable – otherwise, why bother?

A story that is motivating – encouraging the brand’s stakeholders to “go the extra mile!”

And a story that is easily shareable – because “spreading the word” is what brand-building is all about!

Yes, it’s the old basics that count most. Back to the future!

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