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Age of Imagination

Once upon a time, man hunted. Eventually, he turned to farming and, some millennia later, to manufacturing. Progress marched ever more swiftly and it seems that before we even knew it, technology ushered in the Age of Information. Now, after mere decades of devouring data, we have entered the Age of Imagination, where “businesses need to imagine their futures the way good novelists imagine their stories”*, where people’s hearts as well as minds need to be won.

And so… can substance and style come together? With an appropriate merging of left-brain and right-brain inputs?**

According to the founders of brandstory, successful brands provide positive clues. Such brands appeal to hearts as well as minds, often through stories which combine narrative logic with emotional truth. This has been their experience on global and niche brands alike, whatever the marketplace. Beginning with the brand’s own internal stakeholders!

There is increasing recognition of the strategic brand story and its burgeoning role. It appears that a good story well told works for clients globally, sans frontieres: in retail and railways, finance and workplaces, food and homemaking, beverages and fashion, et cetera, et cetera. For small, medium-sized and large companies. For private companies, public companies and family-owned, as well.

More and more, brands, companies-as-brands, organizations-as-brands, institutions-as-brands are realizing the value of stories to fire the imagination, whatever the field. Yes, business is discovering that people prefer brands, with a story. Starting from within the organization!

*Dr. Rolf Jensen: “The Dream Society”

** Daniel Pink: “A Whole New Mind – Why Right-BrainersWill Rule the Future”


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