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A Seeming Never-Ending Situation?

It is heard far too often. This time, it is a recent report from the CMO Council entitled “Marketing & finance: Fueling innovation or falling behind?” (Sept, 2023), which concludes (among other things) that: “Despite the importance of intra-department collaboration, true collaboration is extremely rare... in fact, only one in five CMO-CFO relationships are truly collaborative.”

Yes, we have heard similar reports over the years far too often… which is why brandstory decided more than twenty years ago to do what it does – to develop the Strategic Brand Story™… a multi-purpose business tool to help get all an organization’s stakeholders on the same page. To make internal “collaboration” the most natural (and obvious) way of working!

Not just between CMOs and CFOs, of course! Everyone in your organization (from the CEO and COO, all the way down to the organization’s most junior interns) needs to collaborate, to be on the same page. Everyone needs to be able to tell (and share!) the same story!

Resulting in a serious competitive advantage for your team… guaranteed!

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