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When The Ripples Begin

The by now standard response from a client’s commissioning stakeholders at the unveiling of brandstory’s recommended strategic brand story?


Virtually everyone in the brand’s organization has been aware that “something is going on,” that these folks from brandstory have been talking to people inside and outside the Company, and that they have been charged with the task of developing a “brand story,” whatever that might be. Hmm, a story? Well, I’ve got a story idea…”… and many stakeholders begin to imagine what their brand’s story is going to sound like!

But when brandstory’s recommended strategic brand story is then actually unveiled?


Silence… until, finally, usually the most “junior” management team member present for this very first story narration session, someone feels obliged to speak up and provide a reaction.

A reaction that goes (always!) something like this: “OK… hmm… OK, yes! This story is us! But I have never thought of ourselves in this way before!” And the floodgates open... with all meeting participants then jumping in to add their own two-cents worth… and the story begins its magic ripple effect. The story gets shared… and the ripples spread!

Who knows just how far the ripples may reach…?


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