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We ❤️ Stories

Back to basics? OK. People (you and I, and everyone else!) are simply “wired” for stories. Not for PowerPoint presentations or memos from Top Management. In fact, there is research out there that suggests that people (yes, people again!) actually spend up to one-third of their waking time day-dreaming, in effect “searching” for a good story to grab their attention. A serious challenge for University Lecturers and Business Leaders alike, to say the least. Smile.

But when a good story pops up on their radar screen, the neurons start pulsing! In fact, a good story lights up the brain just like an actual experience does!

And this is not just brandstory speaking. As our brandstory web site alludes to, here are four relevant testimonial quotes related to the importance of stories in the world of brands and branding:

“The essence of persuasion, communication and self-understanding has become the ability to also fashion a compelling narrative.” (Daniel Pink’s “The Whole New Mind”)


“The world of information is a tough place to stimulate any change of emotion or action. Lovemarks use stories to show why information matters.” (Kevin Roberts’ “Lovemarks”)


“Organizational culture is best communicated by stories.” (Cameron & Quinn’s “Diagnosing and Changing Organizational Culture”)

And, of course…

“It’s a new society in which businesses, communities, and people as individuals will thrive on the basis of their stories, not just on data and information.” (Rolf Jensen’s “The Dream Society”)

So… what’s your story?

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