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Too Many Acronyms!?

Let’s have some fun…

Yes, the world’s business community is inundated with “short-cut” acronyms, to save time, we suppose?

ROI? FSI? KPI? CRM? CMS? CTA? B2C? CLTV? CMO? CFO? GPT? And we can go on, and on, and on…

Is this all about “saving time” among the initiated? Leaving the rest of the world puzzled and out in the cold? Or maybe simply indifferent? Just kidding…?

But, no, not really. Because getting all of your people on the same page, including those other people out there who you would love to attract to your team, is not an effort that calls for “short-cuts” or insider acronyms!

And for more than twenty years now, brandstory has not been in the business of taking short-cuts or promoting acronyms… because managing your own Organization-as-brand, directing your own IMC (oops!) activity, supporting your own Organizational Culture and motivating your own people is a serious business! And you are only kidding yourself if you think there are any short-cuts to getting this job done effectively! No acronyms either, please.

Hmm, but wait… hmm, unless…? OK. Here’s a new acronym for HR specialists across the globe! The SBS™!

The Strategic Brand Story™… brandstory’s innovative strategic business tool – a four-pronged, multi-purposed business tool that contributes directly to CEO’s, HRD’s and CMO’s (oops, yet again!) efforts to create an on-going competitive advantage in their organization’s arena of activity! Yes, easy for us to say… but if you check out our web site ( you will find what some of our clients over the years have had to say, as well.

And, naturally, we would be delighted to directly share even more of our own story with you, as well. Yes, you can reach out to us via, again,

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