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The Ripples Continue

The ripples start with the first pebble cast into the pond…

The very first brand story narration session… conducted by brandstory’s partners, among a small group of selected stakeholders from among the client’s senior management team. Because if top management does not buy-in to their own brand’s new strategic brand story, the ripples would stop right there. End of story. Hmm… but that has never happened! Never in the almost twenty years since brandstory has been weaving its “magic.”

The approved story is then taken on the road… shared among no more than twenty stakeholders at a time. The story is shared, and then discussed among the stakeholders themselves… in what brandstory often refers to as “campfire sessions.” Sharing and discussing the organization’s new brand story among themselves… debating, if necessary, the details. Transforming the brand’s stakeholders, one by one, into committed brand “storytellers” themselves!

And the ripples begin to spread… throughout the organization, and beyond.

Ideally, all brand stakeholders will have an opportunity to hear their own brand story, live, in first person, as well as the opportunity to discuss it among themselves… before the story is “published” for eventual even wider dissemination. Difficult to arrange in large organizations (but not impossible!)… much “easier” in small to medium-sized organizations!

Oh, and did we already mention that the strategic brand story is actually a 21st century business tool? A smart four-pronged business tool? One simple tool that contributes directly: 1) to establishing clarity in a brand’s Positioning; 2) to the content and tone & manner of a brand’s Marketing Communications; 3) to a brand’s Human Resource activity (in terms of recruitment, training and motivation); as well as 4) to the defining and sharing of the brand’s own Organizational Culture, as well.

Yes, a win-win-win-win proposition for any brand that has its own strategic brand story!

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