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The Great Talent Shortage…?

A couple of “food for thought” quotes from Ogilvy Consulting’s recent “The 2030 Forecast” report… an overview of ten predictions for the business world to keep in mind as we all look ahead to “what’s next”:

“The ‘help wanted’ signs won’t be going away anytime soon, even with eight billion people on the planet Earth. The world has plenty of people, but there aren’t enough of them with the right skills.”

As well as…

“The Great Resignation (has) hastened the arrival of a trend that had been building for years, and companies now struggle to attract and retain the talent they need.”

In brief, Ogilvy’s Forecast No. 2 is all about “Talent Scarcity and Workforce Realignment.”

So – the Million Dollar question is…? What can your organization do to face up to this very real challenge?

The answer brings us directly to brandstory’s Strategic Brand Story™… the innovative, insightfully multi-purposed strategic business tool that has been working its “magic” for more than twenty years now! Recognizing that it is all about peopleyour stakeholders, your talented employees, as well as about all those other talented people out there who you would like to have on your team tomorrow.

Recognizing, too, that it is about a necessary evolution in your own Organizational Culture, as well… reflecting what today’s Generation of tomorrow’s leaders (yes, people all!) are looking for in their own “employer-of-choice.”

Asking yourself questions like: How do I keep my best people motivated and “proud to belong”? How do I attract the best people to come on board? How? How? How?

brandstory’s Strategic Brand Story™ may not be the be-all and end-all solution to this pressing challenge, but it most certainly has a significant contributionto make towards confronting (and resolving) the issue!

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