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SBS™ = KPI’s???

An interestingly creative concept - we wish we had thought of it ourselves… because it is so intriguingly appropriate! Thank you to the folks from Creative Milestones for tickling our fancy (in their FaceBook re-post – on May 7, 2023)!

As in, Keep People Informed, Interested, Involved, Inspired! KPI’s, indeed!

Four “I’s” that are precisely what brandstory’s Strategic Brand Story™ (SBS™) delivers. The multipurposed strategic business tool conceived to get all of an organization’s people on the same page, singing from the same hymn sheet, marching to the same drummer! And enthusiastically so!

Yes, it’s all about keeping your people informed, interested, involved and, especially, inspired!

Transforming your organization’s stakeholders (yes, people all!) into actual brand advocates! No, it’s not just a job. No, it’s not just a pay check. As in, “We are proud to belong to this special organization!” “We are proud to contribute to its continuing success!” “Delighted to spread the word!” “Happy to invite like-thinking people to join our team!”

Motivating stakeholders by keeping them informed, interested, involved, and yes, inspired!

Short and sweet. No wasted words. Keeping it simple. Your organization’s own Strategic Brand Story™.

A story that is Original (because there is no other organization quite like your own!). A story that is Authentic (no fairy tales allowed!)). A story that is Credible (your own stakeholders will be the first to “smell a rat!”). A story that is Memorable (forgettable won’t get you far!)). A story that is Motivating (what more can I do to keep us on top of our game?). And, above all, a story that is Shareable (I want others to know why I am so content with who I am working with!).

In any event, these “creative” KPI’s are certainly more helpful than OACMMS! OACMMS??? Good luck with that acronym!

So yes, Keep your People Informed, Interested, Involved and Inspired!

That’s the role of brandstory’s Strategic Brand Story™… and we have been delivering the goods for more than twenty years now!

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