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Power To The People

More food for thought? How about the recent “Marketing Week” white paper entitled “EX=CX2 (CXsquared) – Why Employee Experience Leaders Excel at Customer Experience.”? A paper hypothesizing / explaining how (and why) appropriately motivating your own people (their Employee Experience!) leads directly to them doing everything they can to enhance your Customers’ Experience!

A few not-so-random quotes?

Brands need a clear vision that aligns to their brand purpose, employee value proposition and what they want everyday life to feel like for employees so they can do their best work…”


“How you communicate to employees around strategy, transformation and your day-to-day operations should reflect your brand and show empathy…”


This starts with senior leaders but needs to include management and employees at every level…”


The right environment, operational procedures, ways of working, behaviors and culture are important for employees to thrive and deliver…”


Culture is a living, breathing, evolving thing – formed through a combination of formal training, collaboration and support…”

Which brings us back to our brandstory web site’s citation of an insightful, action-oriented quote from Lou Gerstner (the transformational CEO who guided IBM through the transition / transformation from its once-upon-a-time reputation as mainframe computer hardware manufacturer to its current positioning as a leading information technology consultancy:

“I always knew that an organization’s culture was part of the game… but I now know that it is the game!”

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