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People ROI

ROI! Not even right-brainers can argue against that classic left-brain business concept of Return on Investment… but the most successful brands in the world are not where they are just because of their numbers.

A recent quote from a recent article by a qualified guru in cyber-space? “When it comes to marketing payback, words matter just as much as numbers. From ROI to cost per acquisition, the terminology used to describe marketing can often be confusing, even to the smartest of people. It’s time for some much needed clarity.”

brandstory, obviously, agrees. Even if the thrust of this particular article is more about left-brain vocabulary and semantics than about any right-brain discussion related to the importance of organizational culture… the fact remains that “clarity” certainly rules! A strategic brand story, anyone?

Or, how about this one? “Maximize your ‘campaign performance’ by understanding the effectiveness of media channels by vertical, client and audience.” Whew. If you say so…

But what brand-supporting medium can possibly be better than a brand’s own people? In terms of conviction, credibility, enthusiasm and relevant reach & frequency? How might one “measure” the effectiveness of this unexpected / innovative medium vs all the classic media choices in any brand’s marketing tool kit? Good question… but without any qualified left-brain response.

For certain, we (brandstory) have no answer, either. Except for logic! Oops, another left-brain concept! Smile. In any event, logic tells us that any message shared by an enthusiastic and informed brand stakeholder will be much more influential than any classic media-type.


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