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Organizational Culture Change?

A complicated process, similar to fighting a difficult-to-control forest fire on a windy day.

The solution? Do not let the cultural change process turn into a fire fight!

Preventing a fire is much more effective and efficient – as well as less costly – than having to fight fires on a daily basis. From a raging wall of fire to any series of spontaneous small brush fires… and especially those perpetually smoldering embers, hidden under the leaves on the forest floor, those glowing embers which could re-irrupt in flame at any time, as the wind changes direction.

It's what you do first that makes the difference. Fire prevention is indeed much less costly than firefighting!

Get your people on board before sending out a change memo! Yes, and that’s where brandstory’s Strategic Brand Story™ comes into play.

If “everyone” agrees upfront that change is needed, and why, the entire process becomes more easily manageable.

Why do we need to change? Cite the business reasons… Business is down? The world is changing? What used to work well, no longer works? Much more than a “process” issue.

Diagnose the current culture – a culture associated with a poor business situation.

Decide what “new” culture is required…

Then manage your way to change… not by issuing a “change memo,” but by developing your own change-motivating Strategic Brand Story™… making the change real and lasting!

Just one of the multiple benefits of an insightful Strategic Brand Story™… even if you are happy with your own current Organizational Culture!

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