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Changing Organizational Culture

“The Addictive Organization: Why We Overwork, Cover Up, Pick Up the Pieces, Please the Boss, and Perpetuate Sick Organizations” by Schaef and Fassel…

This is not you, of course. Smile.

But a thought-provoking read that “shows how managers, workers and organization members exhibit the classic symptoms of addiction: denying and avoiding problems, assuming there is no other way of acting, and manipulating events to maintain the status quo.” Whew.

A classic opportunity for Cameron & Quinn’s do-it-yourself “Diagnosing and Managing Organizational Culture Change” process? Why not? It works! But getting all stakeholders on board with long, drawn-out processes is always going to be a challenge.

Hmm, so…? A strategic brand story, anyone?

Yet another story waiting to be told! Or rather, a story waiting to be discovered and unearthed… and then crafted!

Precisely what brandstory is good at!

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