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AI vs AR vs VR vs the Strategic Brand Story™…

Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Augmented Reality (AR)? Virtual Reality (VR)? Certainly more than mere buzz words in today’s marketing and societal environment. An ever-increasing number of articles and commentaries about these evolving technologies these days… enough to make one’s head spin! In apprehension? In fascination? In excitement? Depends on who you are, I guess.

But what do ordinary people have to say about all this? Are people going to be replaced tomorrow by the growing “talents” of AI? Maybe some people? Maybe some day? But that’s not the issue right now.

The issue right now is that there is nothing “artificial,” nothing “augmented,” nothing “virtual” about brandstory’s Strategic Brand Story™ approach to motivating people today, to bringing a company’s Organizational Culture to life. In genuine and real terms! Nothing “augmented” or “virtual” about it.

Only an insightful narrative that is authentic, credible, memorable, motivating and shareable… developed by real people (brandstory’s hands-on Partners) for real people (all the company’s stakeholders, both internal and external)! People, real people, everywhere! The intrinsic power of the Strategic Brand Story™!

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